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Buzz - Newsletter Dec 2012-Jan2013 no.187


SCOTTISH EPISCOPAL CHURCH                                                                    
Christ Church, Lochgilphead St.Columba’s, Poltalloch and All Saints, Inveraray
December 2012/January 2013
No. 187


December   Readings                                                                  Minister         Readers
   2nd   Advent 1   HC (1982)+   Jeremiah 33.14-16;1Thessalonians 3.9-13  M.Armour  P.Hamilton
          Luke 21.25 -36  
   9th   Advent 2   HC (1970)  Barach 5.1-9;Phillippians 1.3-11            Rev.M.Kitchener  C.Hanbury
          Luke 3.1 -6  
   9th   Advent 2    Ecumencial Carol Service                                C.Hanbury
  16th   Advent 3   Matins & HC  Zephaniah 3.14-20;Phillippians 4.4 -7;     C..Hanbury    P.Hamilton
          Luke 3.7 -18  
  23rd  Advent 4   HC (1982)  Micah 5.2-5a’Hebrew s 10.5-10’                     M.Armour  R.Byatt
          Luke 1.39-45 (46 -55)  T.Self
  24th   Christmas Eve HC  Isaiah 52.7 -10;Hebrew s 1.1 -4(5-12)  Rev.M.Kitchener
          John 1.1 -14
  25th   Christmas Day Family Service  Isaiah 53.7 -10;Hebrew s 1.1 -4(5-1       Alex & Polly Hamilton
          John 1.1 -14
  30th   Christmas 1  HC (1662)  1Samuel 2.19 -20,26;Colossians 3.12-17;  C.Hanbury  B Hanbury
          Luke 2.41-52

    6th   Epiphany      HC(1982)+  Isaiah 60.1 -6;Ephesians 3.1 -12;                   T.Self      B.Blench
             Matthew 2.1 -12  
   13th  Baptism of  the Lord   HC (1970)  Isaiah 43.1-7;Acts 8.14 -17;       Rev.M.Kitchener   A Hamilton
           Luke 3.15-17,21-22
   20th  Epiphany 2   HC (1982)  Isaiah 62.1 -5;1 Corinthians 12.1 -11      B.Hanbury & T.Self  C Hanbury
           John 2.1 -11
   27th  Epiphany 3   Mattins & HC   Nehemiah8.1-3,5-6,8-10;                  B.Hanbury             C Hanbury
          1Corinthians 12.12-31a; Luke 4.14
 +  (There will be coffee after the service on the first Sunday of each month)

   9th  HC(1929)  Rev.M.Kitchener
  16th  Carol Service   Rev.M.Kitchener    
   6th  HC (1929)  Rev.M.Kitchener    
          Will you please contact Tricia Malcolm (01546 510 283) for further information.

        Please contact Catriona Beel (01546 60 2082) for further information.

We are now registered with 'easy fundraising', who will donate a percentage of your online spending to Christ Church.
The site is at:   http://ww w  
For those w ho are computer literate, feel free to go there, choose your retailer and donate to Christ Church,
Loghgilphead. For others, I will give a simple guide to using the site when I have had time to explore the site myself.   Any help in this respect from others will be very welcome.
There are over 2,000 retailers who support this site, among them are such names as :  Amazon uk; Next; Dell; Tesco; M&S; Toys’r’Us; and many more.

This year this service will be at on Sunday  9th December.   As usual, the retiring collection will be sent to Christian Aid.

Christ Church Christmas Market
Saturday the 10th November, Christ Church’s Christmas Market, was a very busy evening.  Accidentally it  became the biggest event of its type in Lochgilphead this year!   Including the Church stalls, and the games, tombola’s and raffle we had over 30 stalls.  The market was held in the Church and in the Rectory next door which, being connected to the Church meant it was easy to for people to wander from one to the other and back again.

Setting up began on the Wednesday before with the pick -up and delivery of fifteen tables that we borrowed from Tayvallich village hall.  On Thursday it looked like Birnham woods had walked upon Dunsinane when a couple of cars pulled up filled to over flowering with greenery to decorate the church.  Large branches and bunches of ivy, laurel, bamboo and fir were set around the church and Rectory, Christmas lights were hung outside and tucked in to the vases of foliage, and candles set on the window sills.  

Then Friday was set up day, we laid out all the knitting and sewing that the Craft Guild had been making, displayed the many donated items for the raffle and stuck numbers on  the tombola tables. The games were laid out, Guess Roderick the teddy bear' s birthday, name the doll, guess the number of animals in the ark, find the key to the whisky cupboard, guess the number of golf balls in a jar and guess the weight of the cake.  T his continued the following morning and then the other stall holders arrived and everywhere was a hive of activity as lovely handmade items were set out in eye catching displays.

As 3 o’clock approached the buzz intensified and then we were open and a continuous stream of people arrived for the next couple of hours.  Some returning after a visit to the cash point!

The Church and Rectory were filled with the sound of chattering happy people to a backdrop of suitably festive music.  Delicious smells from handmade soap, candles and baking permeated the buildings, mingling with the scent of mince pies and Christmas spiced tea which greeted everyone on their arrival. But in no time at all the raffle was drawn, the visitors had gone and the stall holders were clearing up.  The Church became a church again and several weary people locked up and wended their way home.  The rest of the clearing up and putting away took place over the next two days, but I hope that the chatter and happy feelings generated by the Market will carry on for a long time and maybe encourage some to return for one the Seasonal Services.

Don’t forget you can read about our Services, keep in touch with our activities on our Face Book Page search for ‘Christ Church Lochgilphead’ There are photographs of the Market on the blog at 

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Editor, Jean Organ

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