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Buzz Newsletter: Feb- March 2013

Christ Church, Lochgilphead
St.Columba’s, Poltalloch and
All Saints, Inveraray
February/March 2013
No. 188
February                Readings                                  Minister            Readers
3rd  Epiphany 4  HC (1982)+  Jeremiah 1.4-10;1Corinthians 13.1-13    M.Armour        R.Byatt
                                                                                     Luke 4.21-39    E.Self
10th  Quiquagesima HC (1970)  Isaiah 6.1-8(9-13); 1Corinthians15.1-11  W.Hanbury  A.Pascoe
                                                                                             Luke 5.1-11  C.Hanbury
13th  Ash  HC (1982)**  Isaiah 58.1-12; 2Corinthians 5.20b-6.10;    Rev.M.Kitchener M.Armour
Wednesday                                                                 John 8.2-11
17th  Lent 1  Matins & HC  Deuteronomy 26.1-11;Romans 10.8b-13;  E. Self     P.Hamilton
                                                                                       Luke 4.1-13  M. Armour
24th  Lent 2  HC (1982)  Genesis 15.1-12,17-18;Philippians 3.17-4.1  M. Armour    B.Blench
                                                                                   Luke 13.31-35
3rd  Lent 3  HC(1982)+  Isaiah 55.1-9; 1Corinthians 10.1-13;         Rev. K. Riglin  K.MacDonald
                                                                          Luke 13.1-9
10th  Lent 4     HC (1970)  Joshua 5,9-12; 2Corinthians 5.16-21;     W. Hanbury    B.Blench
                                                                     Luke15.1-3,11b-32     C.Hanbury
17th  Lent 5  HC (1982)  Isaiah 43.16-21;Philippians 3.4b-14;         E. Self            A. Hamilton
                                                                             John 12.1-8         C.Hanbury
24th  Palm Sunday Matins & HC  Isaiah 43.16-21;Philippians 2.5-11;    M. Armour    A.Pascoe
                                                                           Luke 22.14-23.56      C. Hanbury
28th  Maundy  HC (1982)**  Exodus 12.1-4(5-10)11-14;            Rev. M. Kitchener C. Hanbury
                       1Corinthians 11.23-26;John 13,1-17,31b-35
29th  Good Friday  Ecumenical Servicefrom 12 noon to 3pm
31st  Easter Day  HC (1982)  Exodus 14.10-31;Romans 6.3-11         Rev. M. Kitchener Hanbury
                                                                     Luke 24.1-12
+ (There will be coffee after the service on the first Sunday of each month)
** (Both these services are evening services and will start at 7 pm)

3rd  HC(1929)  Rev.M.Kitchener
17th  Evensong  Bishop Kevin
4th  HC (1929)  Rev.M.Kitchener
23rd  Evensong  R.Byatt/W.Hanbury
Will you please contact Tricia Malcolm (01546 510 283) for further information.

Will you please contact Catriona (01546 602 082) for further information.


Christmas Day 2012
The Christmas Day service at Christ Church was a carol and anthology service, not quite nine lessons and carols but just as enjoyable.
Beginning with the magnificent Isaiah prophecies, followed by Luke, after which individual birthday cakes were bought out with candles lit and distributed, much to the surprise of the congregation and ‘Happy Birthday Dear Jesus’ was sung with just the right amount of discord.
The presenters were Brian Blench on lectern, Kate MacDonald on keyboard and Polly Hamilton as backing vocals with Alexander Hamilton leading. ALL the favourite carols were sung, interspersed with a selection of poems. The readings followed the bible story using the carols as pointers, for instance ‘An Argyll Nativity’ following ‘While Shepherds Watched’ and ‘As With Gladness Men of Old’ was followed by the ‘Journey of the Magi’ splendidly read with authentic weariness by Brian. Humour was provided by ‘The
Carol Singers’ with Kate popping up from behind the ‘music centre’ with the responses and ‘Our Nativity Play’ was read with just a hint of Victoria Wood by Polly.
The congregation was small but appreciative and Jen Shuttlewood proposed a vote of thanks at the end, much to the readers delight and surprise, applause not being a regular occurrence in church!
The readings and a video of the service will be posted on the blog.


Annual Congregational Meeting
The ACMtook place on Sunday 27th January.
The Treasurer’s Report and the Vestry Report are in the back of Christ Church. The meeting was well attended and Jen’s scones and Kate’s cake were much appreciated.
The present Vestry was re-instated, with Alex Hamilton’s membership confirmed (he had been co-opted when Janette Laughton resigned). Barbara Service and Brian Blench are new members.
A request to all Internet users was made. If you shop on the Internet. Could you register with, and select Christ Church as you preferred charity. The site is supported by over 2000 e-shops. It does not cost you anything; the company you buy from will donate a percentage of what you spend to us. At the moment we have raised a modest £3 or so, but …
We are also in the process of setting up an account with that will donate to Christ Church every time you do a search using their site as your preferred search engine.
If you have any difficulty, contact either Char or Kate for assistance.


Sad News
In this edition of Buzz we say good-bye to two of our congregation of Christ Church and St Columba’s: Jean Duncan Jones and Arthur Organ.
Both, in their separate ways served our churches well over the years.
We have received two obituaries for Jean (thank you Robin and Valerie) and one for Arthur (thank you Margaret). Here are the edited versions. The full versions will be in the back of the churches. If you would like a copy of them, please contact Char Hanbury on 01546 606503 or

Jean Duncan Jones née Mackenzie (1919 –2013)
Jean first came to this area as a schoolgirl when her school was evacuated to Lunga at Ardfern. Since her father did not approve of schooling for girls, she did not spend much time there!
Jean met and married Andrew when she was the Matron and he the Headmaster at Chichester Cathedral choir school. They were then appointed missionaries to India, which lead to some fascinating tales. Andrew’s next appointment was the headmastership of Litchfield Choir School. He took up his final appointment as Rector of Christ Church in 1970 and served there until 1979.
They retired to a cottage on the Poltalloch estate, where they created a fine garden of formal beds, shrubs, lawns and some vegetables.  I am reliably informed that her camellia always flowered. She stayed on in the cottage after Andrew’s death in 1999 until 2005 when ill health made a move to Ardfenaig necessary.
Jean filled her roles of Matron and Rector’s wife to such good effect that there were several former pupils at her funeral, acting as pall bearers and the stories of Andrew and Jean visiting elderly parishioners and cooking meals for them … and clearing up afterwards are well documented and legion!
After Andrew’s retiral we did not see them very often in Christ Church. They were both strongly in favour of the older services and King James’ Bible. Our loss was St Columba’s gain, with the great care she lavished on it.

Arthur Fredrick Organ (1924 –2013)
With the passing of Arthur Christ Church has lost a very good friend and supporter. Arthur was baptized in 1991 by the Rev Roy F Flatt in Christ Church. When the Worship group started Arthur always gave us his support and it was much appreciated. He served on the vestry and that is how I came to know him. Arthur and Jean moved into their new home in Tarbert in 1989 and fitted into the community with great ease. At about that time the fishing boat Antares sank with the loss of four lives. Arthur, with the support and advice of the local fishermen, devised a piece of equipment that would automatically release the nets if they got into trouble. Arthur was also invited to become Hon. Secretary of the local RNLI and Jean became Treasurer.
Arthur wrote a book called Itchy Feet that was his life story. In it he admits that he was no academic and was somewhat surprised when, aged twelve, he sat and passed an exam into the Birmingham School of Arts and Crafts to study silversmithing and jewellery.
A service to celebrate Arthur’s life was held in Christ Church on Wednesday 23rd.  It was led by the Rev Michael Kitchener. Three hymns:‘All people that on earth do dwell’,  ‘The Lord’s my shepherd’ and ‘Jesus shall reign’, were all enjoyed by the many friends who had come to celebrate his life. A poem by John Betjeman ‘The Diary of a Church Mouse’, which was read on tape by the actor Martin Shaw, was also much enjoyed. The Eulogy was given by Arthur’s friend, John Knotts. The service was a mixture ofreadings
and prayers and we left the Church to the strains of the Morriston Orpheus Choir singing ‘I’m gonnawalk’.


Forth Coming Attractions
Over the Easter Weekend there will be a Craft Fair in Bishopton House … under the same organisational skills as the Christmas Market. You all enjoyed that,so we look forward to seeing you then. Opening times will be advertised nearer the date in as many different ways as we can think of!


Special Services
We would draw you attention to some special services over the next two months, just in case you did not spot them on the front page!

12th February.. Michael has offered to take a service on the evening of Ash Wednesday at 7pm.
17th February.. Bishop Kevin is taking evensong in St Columba’s, Poltalloch at 3:30 pm.
3rd March.. Keith Riglin is taking the service in Christ Church at 11 am
28th March.. Michael is taking the Maundy Thursday service, again at 7 pm.
29th March.. Roddy MacLeod has said he would organise the usual Ecumenical Service from
Noon till 3 pm on Good Friday


Cleanliness is Next to Godliness
Help us to keep Christ Church clean Margaret has divided up the church so that YOU can book
which part of the church YOU will keep clean.
To book YOUR part, contact Margaret Armour on
01546 602940
Don’t delay … your favourite bit may be chosen by someone else!

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