Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter Fair part 2

 And still they came!  251 people came to the Fair today, half of yesterdays footfall but many had returned for a second look and the takings were considerably higher.  We were blessed with good weather again, though still very cold.  It was cold for everyone today as we overloaded the electricity system and seem to have blown a gasket, so no heating for anyone!  However the Dunkirk spirit prevailed and Bill Hanbury sorted an extension lead from the church to the Rectory so that the tea urns could continue to boil and proved everyone with warming cups of tea.  And there was always the barbecue outside for a quite hot bite to eat.

Happy shoppers in the Marquee, in front of the Mull Cheese counter

The 'Vintage Cafe'

Just Look at the blue sky!  It could be flaming June however it was freezing March!
Delighted, though, that it was dry.

A lovely shot of the Rectory corridor leading to the Church, do admire our lovely plaster cornice work!

A moment of calm in the cafe, a table in the sunshine

Two of the out side marquees, the garden tent and then the Church tent, with crafts and books

Bill checking an extension cable coming out through the cafe window in to the garden

The big marquee at the back of the house

A junior reader

Barbara Service & the Rev Michael Kitchener did a stirling job in the entrance hall.  Micheal welcoming our visitors and giving them a run down on what was where, encouraging them to enter the Free prize drawer whilst Barbara relived people of their money straight away by selling them  raffle tickets.

Some of the crafts that the members of the Christ Church Craft Guild have made or knitted

Our very own Bill Hanbury, chairman of the vestry, getting people to buy a key to unlock the bottle of whisky inside!

A queue entering the marquee

The entrance hall, programmes on the table and the tea sign on the wall

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