Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Mid Summer Fair - Evening Performance

The Walking Theatre Company's evening performance was My Name is Macbeth.  A take on the Shakespearean tragedy.  As there were only three performers members of the audience got roped in to help!   We made our way through the gardens at Bishopton House, and then trough the graveyard before the final act held in the atmospheric candlelit church.  A fantastic evening.  
(Sadly the midges didn't pay for their tickets but came along in their droves anyway!) 


Mid Summer Fair - Entertaining the Children

The Walking Theatre Company did two performances/treasure hunts for the children on Saturday.  The children were invited to join Puck The Space Sprite on a mission to 'Power Down' and save the Earth.  Pixies, Sprites, Fairies, Space Creatures and Carbon Hero's joined them on a madcap treasure hunt to find the Eco Code!

Mid Summer Fair - The Food Tent & Tearoom

A lot of the feedback forms we received said just how much they had liked the food tent & the Tearoom.  We weren't surprised........