Monday, 30 December 2013

'Twas several days before Christmas and all through the church .... '

Two people at work with laurel and birch.......'
And bamboo and hazel .....

Dogwood and bay, 
Holly & ivy,
Eucalyptus and box,

Pampas grass plumes and silk flower blooms
Filled vases and pulpit
Framed alter and aisle

Whilst out of the Font grew a garden of fronds 
Topped off with some stalks, collected on walks 
to gather together, in spite of the weather,

pine cone and pebble, green leaf and brown branch
red berry, white bud, plus bootfulls of mud! 

Nothing was wasted, All clippings were used 
The last being stood in a black plastic bucket

The following day some glitter was added
baubles were hung and tinsel was strung
Tree lights switched on and candles were lit

Mincepies were eaten, tea cups filled to the brim
And all just in time for the coming of Him!

~~~ ooo ~~~

Merry Christmas Everybody! May we wish you a happy, peaceful and blessed time.

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