Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Prayers at the time of the Scottish Referendum

Lord, we bless you 
for you have fashioned our land and daily refresh it; 
you have sent forth your spirit and created us; 
you have opened your hand 
and filled us with good things.
Bless us, your people,
as we consider the future of our nation. 
May your glory endure here for ever
and may we sing to you as long as we live; 
through Jesus Christ our Lord, 
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, 
one God, now and for ever. 

From the Records of the Convention of Royal Burghs 1593 (shortened)
O Lord, 
as nothing can prosper without thy blessing, 
lighten our dull senses with the light of thy Holy Spirit, 
and show us by thine own wisdom what is meetest to be done. 
Reform our hearts 
that we may eschew the evil and pursue the good. 
Set right our unruly affections, 
expel our coldness and ignorance, 
that, setting apart all partiality and self love, 
we may do all things 
with sincerity, zeal and uprightness of heart. 
Fill us with thy good Spirit, 
that we may seek nothing but thy glory, 
the commonweal of our estate, 
and the quietness of our country; 
for our Lord Jesus Christ's sake, 
to whom with thee and the Holy Ghost 
be all praise and glory for ever. 

For Psalm 133 altered
Gracious Lord,
who are not the God of confusion or discord,
but the God of concord and of peace;
join our hearts and affections in such sort together
that we may walk as brothers and sisters in thy house,
in charity and love, and as members of the Body of Christ.
Let the oil of sanctification, that is, thy Holy Spirit, inflame us,
and the dew of thy blessing continually fall upon us,
that we may obtain life eternal;
through the same Jesus Christ; 

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