Thursday, 2 April 2015

Easter Services

On Good Friday the Passion Gospel according to John is read in full.  We hear the preaching of the Passion. We have time to contemplate the Cross.  We may receive Holy Communion from the Blessed Sacrament reserved last night.

The Ecumenical Service at Christ Church embraces all these things.
This Year the format will be:
12-1       Music and reflection: Haydens Seven Last Words
1-2.30    The Passion according to John read dramatically
                The Preaching of the Passion from different Churches
2.30        Time for Contemplation (to Allegri’s Miserere)
                Solemn Prayers for the World
3              after a short pause Holy Communion

The Vigil of Easter
Easter is the festival of our Christian Baptism, the sacrament which joins us to the Risen Life of Christ.
The traditional Vigil of Easter begins in the dark between sunset and sunrise.
In the darkness of Christ’s death and burial, New Light is kindled.
From this the Paschal Candle is lit, blessed, and honoured.
The Paschel Candle is the sign and symbol of Christ Risen, the Light of the World. It is greeted with ancient song, honouring it as the Fiery Pillar which led the Children out of Israel, the morning Star which never sets, and the gift of the Mother Bee.  All creation is joined in Christ’s saving work!
Then, in the darkness of the Church, we listen to God’s Covenant of Love: The Creation, the story of Noah, the story of Abraham and Isaac, the Crossing of the Red Sea, the great Prophets of Israel, Isiah and Ezekiel.
Then the Gloria is sung: Christ is Risen! The lights of the Church are lit, and the Gospel is read.
Then the font Is blessed: the source of the Easter life which streams out to us in Baptism. The Paschel Candle is immersed three times in the font to bless the waters.
All renew thei Baptismal Promises.
And we proceed with joy to celebrate the Mysteries of our Life in Christ in the Eucharist.

The Vigil will, I hope be celebrated at All Saints, Inveraray on Saturday night at 8pm.
St Columba, Poltalloch: Easter Eucharist will be celebrated at 9am

Christ Church: The New Fire will be lit at 11am, and the Paschal Candle blessed.  We will hear the Crossing of the Red Sea and the Easter Gospel.  The waters of the font are blessed and all renew their Baptismal Promises, and the Eucharist of Easter is celebrated.

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