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Welcome to the Scottish Episcopal Church
The Scottish Episcopal Church is a welcoming and inclusive church that traces its history back to the beginnings of Christianity in Scotland.  We are part of the worldwide Anglican Communion – a family of some 70 million Christians in more than 160 countries – for whom the archbishop of Canterbury is a focus for unity.
Within our church there are seven historic regional areas covering the whole of Scotland. Each area (known as a diocese) is under the pastoral care of a bishop, who together with the clergy and people of the diocese, seeks to be faithful to Jesus Christ and to respond faithfully to the spiritual needs and practical concerns of the community.  We are governed by a representative body (known as the general Synod) of bishops, clergy and lay people which meets each year.
We are fully involved in the councils and consultations of the Anglican Communion.  We also work closely with other churches and faith groups and are constantly seeking to forge new and deeper relationships with people of faith both in Scotland and throughout the wider world.  May of our churches are involved in local ecumenical partnerships and our clergy meet regularly with other Christian leaders and with the leaders of other faith groups to discuss issues of local, national and international concern.
Our worship is rich and varied.  Within our churches you will experience a variety of liturgical and musical styles.  We cherish both our historic prayer book and our new liturgical texts. At the heart of our worship lies the regular celebration of the Eucharist.  Through the sharing of bread and wine we remember the death and resurrection of Jesus, seek strength for our daily lives and look forward to the coming of the kingdom of God.  Through our liturgical tradition we seek to support people on their journey through life and to celebrate sensitively the beginning and end of life.
The nurture and development of those who worship in our churches is very important to us.  There are Sunday Schools and Children’s clubs in many of our congregations.  We have an active and thriving Youth Network which organises an annual summer youth camp.  Courses to explore the Christian faith, deepen discipleship and enrich spirituality take place throughout Scotland and are open to all.  We are not, however, an inward looking church.  We are constantly looking to share our faith with others and to discover new and exciting ways of being faithful to the gospel. Indeed, we are not afraid to adapt our traditional structures to meet the challenges and aspirations of the twenty-first century.
The vulnerable and those in need are of particular concern to us.  Representatives of our churches are always willing to visit people at home or in hospital, to offer a listening ear, or, where appropriate, practical help and support. Justice, peace, and the care of the environment are areas in which our members are actively involved.  As a church we support a variety of mission and development projects at home and overseas.

If you want to know more about the life, worship and witness of the Scottish Episcopal Church please contact:
The General Synod Office,
21 Grosvenor Crescent,
EH12 5EE
0131 225 6357
or visit our website

Taken from the leaflet ‘Welcome to The Scottish Episcopal Church’
Published by The General Synod of the Scottish Episcopal Church
Scottish Charity No. SCO15962
ISBN 0 905573 81 1

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